Here on this site, we provide monthly work planning templates that help millions to make their lives systematic and easy. You can take a Blank August 2021 Calendar from here and complete the upcoming month more fruitful. It is good to go through the daily routine like getting up, refreshment, dressing up, breakfast preparation, and departure for office or work in a rhythmic way. But what about the tasks and activities that are other than these routine work? These types of things should be scheduled in a written form on a monthly timeline. Therefore, we are offering you a collection of Calendar For August 2021. You are to save the one that you think is fit for your requirement and interests. The eighth month has an important place in the history of America. The first African-American President Barack Obama was born, the first British colony in North America was founded, the first Atomic Bomb we dropped over the Hiroshima, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was signed into law, the only US President, Richard M Nixion, however, to resign, the Battle of Camden in South Carolina occurred, all these events of significant impact on the history and society of the United States of America took place in August. One can mark such outstanding events of history in the August 2021 Calendar Template to bring inspiration and lessons for the betterment of life.

Free August Calendar 2021

August 2021 Calendar Template

August 2021 Calendar Template

August 2021 Calendar

August 2021 Calendar

Scroll down the page; you will find five templates of the August 2021 Calendar in varied resolutions that give you a choice. If you are a student, you will have to prepare for various projects, assignments, formative tests, and other academic activities for the next month. So, it would be best if you make the August 2021 Calendar With Holidays in A4 size, and after printing it, write the activities mentioned earlier. This way, you will have a proper study plan that will make your performance systematic and punctual. If you are a home-maker, you will have a lot of things to remember. That is why you should take a big planner template that gives you enough space to solve your purpose. All the Cute August 2021 Calendar are in digital form. It means you can also use them digitally by adding your actual events and tasks with the help of an appropriate tool. Various file formats require separate software or tools to make any modification. As the templates are in image format, you will need PhotoShop, CoralDraw, or Windows Paint to deal with them.

You would know that almost all the documents created for any work domain, whether academic, professional, business, or even personal, are always printed. Most people prefer to have a backup of all their hard copy documents, though it is more accessible and easy to work in the digital form. The same applies to the case of the Monthly August 2021 Calendar. The question is whether you want to write your tasks and events on the timeline digitally or manually. Both options are open, depending upon your skills. In my opinion, using a digital document is a more brilliant and easy way of documentation because it has many editing and formatting features that are impossible manually. So, use the Floral August 2021 Calendar, ease your work planning, and be innovative.

August 2021 Calendar Printable

Monthly August 2021 Calendar

Monthly August 2021 Calendar

August 2021 Calendar Printable

August 2021 Calendar Printable

Politicians took birth in August

(1) Robert Todd Lincoln

He is an American businessman, lawyer, diplomat, and statesman.

  • Born: Springfield, Illinois, on August 1, 1843
  • Political Ideology: Republican
  • Political Career: hold the position of the town supervisor of South Chicago, appointed Secretary of War in James A. Garfield’s regime, and continued under Chester A. Arthur, designated as the US ambassador to London during the Benjamin Harrison administration.

(2) Muqtada Al-Sadr

Al-Sadr is an Iraqi Shia cleric, politician, and militia leader.

  • Born: Najaf, Iraq on August 4, 1974
  • Political Ideology: Islamic Democracy
  • Political Career: founder and leader of Jaysh Al-Mahdi (Mahdi Army)

(3) Jiang Zemin

Zemin is the most senior living former President or general secretary.

  • Born: Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China on August 17, 1926
  • Political Ideology: Maoist Communist
  • Political Career: Served general secretary of the Communist Party of China (1989-2002), served as President of the People’s Republic of China (1993-2003)

(4) Akhmad Kadyrov (Akhmad-Haji Abdulkhamidovich Kadyro)

He was the Chechen Republic’s first president and the chief (Mufti) of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.

  • Born: Karagandy, Kazakhastan on August 23, 1951
  • Political Ideology: Nationalist
  • Political Career: A prominent figure in the First Chechen War (December 1994 – August 1996), became the first President of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria

(5) Paul Martin (Paul Edgar Philippe Martin)

He served as the 21st Prime Minister of Canada and was the leader of the Liberal Party.

  • Born: Windsor, Ontario, Canada, on August 28, 1938
  • Political Ideology: Liberal
  • Political Career: Elected to the Canadian Parliament in 1988 and served to his retirement in 2008. Served as Minister of Finance (1993-2002). Became the leader of the Liberal Party in November 2003, became Prime Minister in December 2003, became a member of the advisory board of Health Impact Fund.

Other Monthly Calendars:

Politicians died in August

(1) Paul Von Hindenburg

He is the second president of Germany.

  • Birth Sign: Libra
  • Political Career: He was the commander of the Eighth Army during World War I and the second president of Germany (1925-34)
  • Died: Neudeck, Gua East Prussia, Nazi Germany (now Ogrodzieniec, Poland) on August 2, 1934

(2) Joshua B. Lee

Lee served as head of the Public Speaking Department at the University of Oklahoma.

  • Birth Sign: Aquarius
  • Political Career: Served as a senator from Democratic Party (1937-43)
  • Died: Norman, Oklahoma, the United States on August 10, 1967

(3) Kofi Annan

The Nobel Peace Prize co-winner was a Ghanaian politician.

  • Birth Sign: Aries
  • Political Career: Served as the Secretary-General of the United Nations (1997-2006), founded the Health Fund and Global AIDS Fund, co-received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001.
  • Died: Bern, Switzerland on August 18, 2018

(4) Ismail Al-Azhari

Ismail is a Sudanese politician who served both as Prime Minister and as President of the country.

  • Birth Sign: Libra
  • Political Career: Formed the Graduates’ General Congress in 1938, founded the Ashiqqa (Brothers’) Party in 1943, became the President of the National Unionist Party (now the Democratic Unionist Party), became the second Prime Minister of Sudan (January 1954 – July 1956), became the third President of Sudan (June 1956 – May 1969)
  • Died: Khartoum, Sudan on August 26, 1969

(5) Ashoke Kumar Sen

He is an Indian barrister who served as Union Law Minister for decades.

  • Birth Sign: Libra
  • Political Career: Five-time Cabinet Minister of India served seven Prime Ministers and was also a Union Law Minister for decades.
  • Died: New Delhi on August 31, 1996
Printable August 2021 Calendar

Printable August 2021 Calendar


Here we reached the end of the discussion. We hope you have got all the tips and ideas regarding the tasks planning shared here. The important thing is that you are not to pay a single penny for the Printable August 2021 Calendar. If you wish, you can take all of the five designs presented on the page. One can take inspiration from the legends of the world. But we think politicians are the best utilizers of situations, incidents, and public relations to build their fortune. Therefore, we have presented some of them to take some inspiration and gain the maximum from the opportunities, challenges, and August 2021 Printable Calendar waiting for you.